A boat me

image of a rabbit in a boat
My name is Kris Jones and I'm years old.

I live around Dayton, OH in the United States.

I am Agender (don't care about the gender I am,

and present androgyne)

and Asexual (do not plan to have sex,

really none of your damn business).

I use they/them/their pronouns


I like to do:

Computer programming

Digital art

Listen to music

(and want to make some someday)

Play video games sometimes

(also wanna make one sometime perhaps)

Web video

(watching and may make some sometime)

Specific interests:

Programming: Web ([X]HTML/CSS, web JS), JS (Node),

dotNET (and Core) [C#, including ASP]

Digital art: Furries, abstract, graphic-design,

I guess font design goes here

Music: Punk rock, Alternative rock, Indie rock, Britpop

[Bands: Anti-Flag, Blur, blink-182, Green Day, Biffy Clyro, Stereophonics,

Ima Robot, Less Than Jake, Linkin Park, Billy Talent, some more I can't remember]

Video games: Story-based (Night in the Woods, Oneshot),

Arcade (Metal Slug, Ninjin), Puzzle (Puyo Puyo, Tetris),

Fighting (Rivals of Aether, MUGEN),

Racing (Forza Horizon, DiRT, Mario Kart)

Web video: Video-essay-style work (Austin McConnel, Ahoy, Tom Scott), Games streamers (Vinesauce, TieTuesday),

General news-journalism and games-journalism (Vox, Polygon, Jim Sterling), Lettuce Play (Bikdiponabus, TRG),

Television shows that commonly get clips uploaded on Youtube so I'm counting them (Last Week Tonight, British panel shows [8/10 Cats (does Countdown), Mock the Week])

Laptop and 'Server' specs (changes often so im writing as of now):

Not a real server just an external computer that I access over the network but pbbthhhh